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January 6th, 2009

My New Years Day ER adventure

2009 thus far has been a bit more eventful than I would have liked or expected.

On January 1, 2009, I cut my thumb pitting an avocado for my boy. Not such a big deal, right? Well, not exactly. I did a little more than "cut" my thumb. In fact, I cut it so thoroughly that thought I had lost the top of my thumb. It was a bloody mess and it bloody hurt. Not to be too graphic, but it reminded me of the heads of the people on South Park.

Shortly after I made the above observation, I felt myself getting whoozy, let my knees buckle underneath me, and then lost consciousness on my kitchen floor.

When I came to, I recall feeling really relaxed and thinking that maybe the whole thing was a dream. In fact, maybe I was dreaming. I heard my husband talking to someone, then realized that he was speaking to a 911 operator. I then heard my son babbling away. I wanted to talk, but couldn't. So I listened to what he was saying.

I heard him telling the person that there was a lot of blood, covering about a square foot of tile in our kitchen; that I was unconscious, but he didn't think that I hit my head.

Eventually, I was able to mumble something out and tried to tell my boy that I was okay. My husband couldn't understand me but asked questions at the instruction of the 911 operator. While he was still on the phone, the fire fighters arrived and put an oxygen mask over my face. I pulled my glasses off my face and put them down on the floor and felt a sticky puddle. I then opened my eyes, and saw all the blood.

Shortly thereafter, the paramedics arrived. I was pulled onto a kitchen chair, but immediately felt whoozy again and asked to lay down on the floor. They wouldn't let me and instead lifted me by the arms and helped me walk out to the ambulance.

Upon arrival at the hospital, I was able to get a bed straight away in ER, which is not a usual feat. Since I had no glasses, and was still whoozy, I closed my eyes and slept. I slept until my husband and father arrived with my glasses and Blackberry.

We then waited several hours to see a doctor. The doc was funny and kind. She has an 18 month old son and we shared stories of pregnancy related vomiting and sickness. She had it far worse than me, and actually vomited in front of patients in the ER, and her sickness lasted her entire pregnancy.

She froze my thumb in 3 places. The freezing needles were damn painful and I almost passed out again. She then put 5 stitches in my thumb (that didn't hurt a bit - and I've always had a fear of getting stitches). The cut was deep enough such that I will likely have chronic pain for years and possibly for the rest of my life, but I didn't hit the tendon so I should have no physical impairment.

About 5 hours after slicing my thumb, I went home to see my boy. He had happily spent the day with my mother and in-laws and I knew that he was well cared for.

I had been planning on taking the boy to a New Years Day pajama stitch-in at our local knitting cafe. Needless to say, we didn't quite get there.

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