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January 20th, 2009

not yet walking

I feel like I've been getting a lot of flack lately that my almost 13 month old boy is not walking, and is unlikely to get up and walk any time soon. In fact, he barely cruises though he stands beautifully and he can pull himself to standing when he is sufficiently motivated.

I will admit that I do get a bit stressed when all the kids we hang out with around his age are walkers, but I try to remind myself that every kid is an individual and has different strengths. My boy was later than average at all the gross motor skills - holding up his head, sitting by himself, and crawling. In fact, he still doesn't crawl in the traditional sense, but can he cross a room in a hurry with his commando crawl.

Yet, he has been ahead of schedule with his verbal abilities. He was making babbling sounds very early on, and now says quite a few words, including "Daddy (as well as Dada), Mama, Bubba (a reference to my mother, his Bubby), all done, ducky, up, and probably a few more that I can't remember right now. He also clearly and consistently signs "milk", "more" and he waves hello and goodbye.

He also has stellar fine motor skills. He can pick up the tiniest bit of lint from our floor (and believe me, there are plenty for him to choose from), and he has been pulling open the velcro on his diaper since the summer. His latest favourite toy is my bottle of spray Rescue Remedy. He likes to pull the cap off and try to get it back on. Often he succeeds.

And he reliably and happily uses the potty, such that I am convinced we will have him out of diapers by the summer.

In spite of all the things he can do, all I hear about is "is he walking yet?"

I worry that my boy will grow up constantly being compared to his contemporaries and that his shortcomings will always overshadow his successes.

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