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April 21st, 2009

16 months old

My boy is 16 months old today.

It's a funny thing, the way that parents describe their kids' ages. Every month is so different, it seems false to round down to a year or round up to a year and a half. When babies are born, we describe their ages in days, then in weeks. Sometime around the 3 month mark, we switch to months. It seems that turning two is the magic age when we stop referring to months.

My boy is amazing. Yesterday, he added two new words to his repetoire, ("roar" in response to the question - "what does a lion say?" and "Zaidy". A couple of days ago, he started signing "hat" and last week, he started saying "tractor" while I was off at a job interview.

He has the most incredible infectious laugh and a smile that should be on the cover of magazines. He has a particular glink in his eye when he is doing something that he knows he should not be doing.

And lately, he is getting into everything. Some days, I get exhausted chasing after him and I struggle not to be the kind of mom who is always saying "no". I try hard to limit myself to things that are dangerous for him, or that I cannot afford to replace if he breaks. As a result, I have a lot of tidying up to do every evening after he goes to sleep. I sometimes wonder why I bother, but a sense of calm comes over me when I see his books neatly lined up by height and organized by author in his bookshelf, and his toys are deposited in their appropriate boxes. And I also believe that it is good for him to have order instead of chaos as he starts his day.

He is cruising a lot and standing up easily. I believe he will be walking soon. He is doing things on his own timetable and I'm completely fine with that. However, I'm annoyed that I have become the parent that everyone feels the need to reassure with tales of other kids they knew that walked late. He will walk when he is ready to walk.

My baby is now a little boy.

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