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August 29th, 2009

Our Thursday evening walk

A month ago, my boy was just beginning to walk. Last night, he walked home from dinner pushing his stroller. It was a one kilometer walk and took us nearly a half hour. I kept waiting for him to tire and ask for "uppy". That used to mean, "pick me up" and now it means, "put me down, I want to walk!" He is loving his newfound independence and the multitude of things that can be explored when one walks in the world.

It was a special evening. We sat out on the patio of one of our local restaurants and shared a spelt crust pizza. He pointed out everything he saw: "lights" = the lit-up plant urn; "water" = the lined up pitchers of waters at the bussing station; "pizza" and "noodles" as we watched the food being served to the other, strictly adult tables. It was surprisingly relaxing as it often is not when one dines out with a toddler.

The walk home was no less exciting. We saw "bus", "car" and "dog". He actually stuck his finger right in a dog's face. Thankfully it was a friendly dog, who licked him instead of biting him or barking.

As we walked up the street to our house, I saw our shadows on the sidewalk. When I saw my boy's shadow, I was struck by a memory. During a reiki session a few years ago, I saw my son - this vision of my son. He was a shadow, a little person walking by, holding someone's hand. At the time, I thought he was holding his sister's hand, or perhaps a friend's. I didn't realise that it was me.

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